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Since no one can control how an image is being used on the Net, this is not rules, but strong recommendations we hope people will follow.... 


The Freeware Logo ("Wings of Freeware") may be used by freeware programs, games and websites who promotes or list freeware.


Please link the Freeware Logo to this site:  http://freewarelogo.vegard2.net/

And: I would very much like to add a reciprocal link to you sites from my 'freeware sites' page (logo sites). Please let me know when you use the logo / symbol! :-)  


Software that is licensed to the end user free of charge. It is not feature disabled, time limited or restricted in any way. Freeware is legally obtainable software that you may use at no cost, monetary or otherwise, for as long as you wish.


In addition to freeware the image can be used by the following -wares as long as they are non-intrusive: Liteware, Giftware, Charityware, Registerware, Requestware


For definitions, please visit the alt.comp.freeware's Ware Glossary


Please note that 'The Freeware Logo' is not intended as an a.c.f. logo - websites and programs who uses the logo do not have a "seal of approval" from the newsgroup. 


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