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History (the development of the freeware logo)


A logo as a symbol for freeware programs and websites were first suggested by Vegard Krog Petersen, a regular reader of the newsgroup alt.comp.freeware (a.c.f.).

  • 2004-11-07 : Challenge: creating a freeware symbol (thread)

    "A challenge to the creative/artistic members of the group:
     What about making a freeware symbol or logo?
     We could use it on our sites or perhaps in freeware programs?"

With follow-ups in these threads:

  • 2004-11-12 : Freeware symbol and logo (thread)

  • 2004-11-23 : Freeware Logo - last chance to suggest images (thread)

The Freeware Logo Contest Vote were held in in alt.comp.freeware (a.c.f.) between December 4th. and December 19th. 2004 in the following thread: 

  • 2004-12-04 : Freeware Logo Contest: Vote (please...) (thread)

And then the Winner (a landslide victory...) was announced:

  • 2004-12-20 : Freeware Logo: We have a Winner... (thread)


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